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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Website task

You're going to create a draft of a vodcast - VERY quickly.

Use the screenshots and links from this post, and open/screenshot the homepage of 3 more OFFICIAL artist websites from different genres.

Assemble your images and QUICKLY comment (using VO or titles) on these 3 basic elements, including a summary of what you now think is the typical (or best) approach:
  • BANNER this should tie in with icons/banners for all social media, and will often change to reflect the latest album release or tour
  • TOP LINKS any decent website has clear, specific top-links, accessible on every page for quick navigation through the site. 4 or 5 (sometimes 6) is the norm. Some will include dropdown menus with sub-pages. 'Contact' or 'social media' shouldn't be one of these as those icons should also be on every page AND their content featured heavily throughout EDIT: JUST DO THIS ONE, THE TOP LINKS, OTHERS IF THERE'S TIME
  • COLOURSCHEME/OVERALL LOOK there should be a clear feel throughout the site. That doesn't necessarily mean the same background colour/image, but there should some clear feel of consistency

Publish your quickfire draft vodcast 10MINS BEFORE THE LESSON ENDS for viewing + initial discussion.

I'm sure you'll have observed the link at the top of musividz for follow-on work...

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