I highly commend the web page 'Nine top tips for Media students'. From the people behind theory.org.uk, its worth a read!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

UK national press: initial research

You will be researching 4 factors:

  • what is the difference between tabloid, mid-market & broadsheet formats?
  • who owns the papers?
  • what is their ideological bias?
  • what is the market share of the owners and right-/left-wing views?

what is the difference between tabloid, mid-market & broadsheet formats?You can use an online search, but compare the types of stories, size of pictures, length and complexity of writing to provide evidence (Use of Examples)
who owns the papers?Name the companies (and individuals where relevant) who own them; if you can add brief detail of anything else they own Link1, Link2.
what is their ideological bias?You can use an online search/source, but use the headlines from at least 2 stories in each paper to provide evidence (Use of Examples)
what is the market share of the owners and right-/left-wing views?Use the Wiki on circulation for up-to-date figures, but use this for a quick overview.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Left-wing v right-wing ideology

You will be taking the Political Compass test to help develop your understanding of this...

Friday, 11 March 2016

Blogging on 'the journey'

Below I break down the ten steps involved in your journey:

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Lessons Mon Tues March 7-8th

If you're finished yesterday's work then either
1: Edit, with a focus on creating alternate SHORT edited sequences (or print/website elements) for focussed audience feedback
2: Using the 'industry' tag and browsing the MusiVidz blog archive (not all posts have been tagged/retro-tagged) for other relevant posts (most about a specific band or vinyl will relate to this), find resources/examples that will help you answer Evaluation Q3.

TASK Monday 7th:

1: Review + update all posts with video/vodcast content:
- is the post title clear and specific
- have you provided description/context of the video and its contents?
- is the video title on YouTube clear, specific (and following a numbering system)?
- have you provided a specific description on your YouTube channel?
- did you include tags on your YouTube channel?
- is it uploaded on YOUR channel as opposed to being embedded from someone else's in the group?
- have you got a folder of all video files ready for use with Evaluation work?

2: Review posts titles/links lists
- have you followed a numbering system for linked posts? Are your post titles clear and specific?
- update links lists to reflect changes made

3: Podcasts
- are these up to date?
- record any missing podcasts, upload and embed

4: Evaluation preparation
- pick any one of the 4 questions and gather links, images, video and notes as a draft post

5: Video research
- have you created a comprehensive playlist for any videos you have looked at as part of your research
- is this divided into two: general and genre examples? (you could add 'other media/influences' if this includes film and TV)