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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Key dates up to Xmas 2017

For Xmas you should have:
  • completed blogs (bar Evaluation), including thorough proof-reading, presentational improvements (eg NO posts with video/podcast only, no textual summary/explanation), comprehensive links lists, clear post titles using numbering system where relevant
  • posted provisional final website (video/PowerPoint with screenshots/recording), digipak, video
    • there will be brief opportunity in January for final improvements: NONE permitted after January 22nd, when Eval will be the exclusive coursework focus
  • gathered resources for all Evaluation Qs, eg through folders of named screenshots/recordings, post tags, unpublished notes posts, ideas for creative presentation


All things which should have been completed earlier:

Up to date with podcasts
Links lists up to date
Post titles, publish dates checked as part of this
Tagged posts
Incomplete posts/needing improvement tagged for follow-up
Updated, comprehensive pre-production summary video, which should feature evidence [vodcast/video clips, blog/YT/website screenshots etc] (not long discussion of) work on such aspects as:
  • Audience moodboards (1 male, 1 female), wider primary and secondary research, definition
  • Character, especially performer, moodboards + clear costume/hair/make-up/props summary
  • Cast/ing, rehearsals (this will help make shoots go MUCH faster)
  • Locations, scouting, planned set dressing
  • General conventions research (all 3 texts)
  • Genre/artist conventions + wider research
  • Track analysis, idea updates
  • Lyric timing sheets featuring possible edit structures
  • Scenes list
  • Storyboards
  • Shoot planning (eg call sheets)
  • Equipment list
  • Health and safety review (list ALL possible risks, and actions to reduce risk, eg driving: keeping within safe speeds, not distracting the driver; train station: personal items/equipment in bags/zipped pockets to avoid theft, keeping clear of platforms)
  • Permissions to use footage of cast (hard copy of signed forms for each performer/actor handed to me; its enough to splay out your sheets, take a single photo, and use this as blog evidence; you don't need to embed every signed sheet)
  • Production schedule

VODCAST x 2: GENERAL digipak conventions; ARTIST/GENRE digipak conventions. Remember to highlight POSSIBLE INFLUENCES (= 'applying research')
The digipak format
My digipak ideas and initial mock-ups
How my promo package will be linked (clear summary of how you'll make explicit links between the 3, which links to the next point...)
My Social Media (sample your posts, especially highlight links to website + viral concept; discuss the branding (including user icons, YT banner etc), making clear links to any of the 3 texts. Make sure they're in top links list)
Sample scene 2 (still RD's 1st) of 60secs+, no gaps, with some evidence of audience feedback

Up to date with podcasts and general blogging, including links lists
VODCAST x 2: GENERAL website conventions; ARTIST/GENRE wesbite conventions. Remember to highlight POSSIBLE INFLUENCES (= 'applying research')
Digipak draft + evidence of aud feedback + reflection on this; Also note technologies used (including how you found video tutorials etc).
Full rough cut + evidence of aud feedback + reflection on this; use YT comment tool to denote planned changes

You have the questions; 2 practice exam Q1b (see wording below), one without notes (Audience: 30/37.5mins), one with (but limited to 1 side, no full sentences) on Genre (up to 1 hour for both). RD typing. You are welcome to submit a practice essay on any of the other 3 MANGeR topics by Friday 8th for marking over the weekend.


Up to date with podcasts and general blogging, including links lists
Industry summary [you should have already done this; refer to my Bicep Ppt to help, and use musividz posts to help]
My Website: Key Design Choices Explained
Website full draft (as screen recording/VO video and/or annotated screenshots in PowerPoint or alternative), including evidence of aud feedback and your response. Also note technologies used.
My Promo Package (summarise links between your texts; effectively drafting the Eval Q. You must include clear evidence of social media, viral elements)

In January we'll do a full blog review, and final text feedback for final improvements by Jan 22nd.
You'll be drafting 1 Eval Q (2 where I suggest splitting a single Q) each week, with no further changes to any component after Monday Feb 19th. No exceptions - final marks will be based on whats on the blog then.

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