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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

BBC opportunity for West Yorkshire vloggers

Time is limited to act on this, but it sounds a great opportunity (thanks to Karen Mitchell, School Careers Co-ordinator for passing on details); there's a video which hasn't embedded below at the source site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/careers/shortform:



The Brief

We are looking for a new generation of talented people who can make great short-form videos. We want to find the vloggers and digital content creators of the future by giving people from West Yorkshire an opportunity to showcase their work on a BBC digital platform.
This is a fantastic opportunity for the BBC to work with you, creating bite-sized video content that is inventive, provocative, intelligent, attention-grabbing and funny!
You do need to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t need experience to get involved.  Mentoring and masterclasses will be awarded to the freshest personalities with the greatest ideas. We’ll give you industry support to develop and create a final piece of short form digital content to showcase to BBC decision makers on March 28th in Leeds.

How do I get involved?

Monday, 23 February 2015

Peter Oborne task

This is an invaluable EX, furnishing multiple opportunities for extended EAA and incorporation of T...

Advance familiarity with style/nature of exam Qs
Update EX
Develop research skills, specifically skim reading and extracting key points with limited time
Make links between a single EX and wider EX/EAA whilst applying T
Read/make notes on Oborne case
Identify themes this touches on
Consider application to various exam Qs
Write up 2+ paragraphs applying learning

Using the post Advertiser power and Daily Telegraph HSBC scandal, make a note of the key facts on this case. Include some initial notes on arguments/views you encounter. Keep notes brief; you can return to the source later for more detailed notes as need be.
STRATEGY: Prioritise skim reading several articles over detailed annotation of any one article to gain a wider perspective. Look for headlines that seem to indicate conflicting points of view.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

IPSO task

TASK: In the 5:10 it takes this video to play, make brief notes on examples of a Chomskian concept that this video illustrates and the song lyrics specifically mention...

This is a case where the terminology essentially is the EAA, or at least a starting point for it. Use one of the following to find relevant EXamples (the egI give use the Daily Mail and Ed Miliband; you don't have to use these):
  1. You could try searches such as '2015 daily mail miliband' (the 2015 gets recent results: eg), 'daily mail miliband press regulationetc (what specifically did the Mail do to try to discredit 'Red Ed' Miliband when he was pushing for a tough press regulator?);
  2. You could gamble on a quick browse of the Daily Mail, the most likely source...
  3. You could try the appropriate MediaReg blog tag
Please don't click on 'read more' until asked to