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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


links list e.g. (Sophie, A2)
Throughout the year you have been urged to podcast and post (pre/post-)production schedule updates to help evidence "THE JOURNEY", a key phrase in the assessment criteria.

The links list on the left is an example of some of the work a previous high-achieving student did in this regard - just have a look at the links lists alone to get a good sense of the range of what she did to get (almost) 100%.

Today you will be creating a summary of this, which should also help you identify some key gaps, and along the way demonstrating to a visiting student what you have done throughout the year. You need to clearly demonstrate answers with blog and other relevant content, and should edit in clear screenshots/clips afterwards.
You can add to this before submitting your final blog to help secure high marks on this criteria. Providing clear summaries on your work in posts BEFORE the Evaluation answers (though you could create these at the same time) is very useful in helping secure marks - and for you to identify gaps.
Be clear and specific - but don't waffle!!!
Below is the list of questions you will answer.

You should film this - your interviewer could do this for you, so it is only the production team (and Mac screen/s (groups could flip between multiple screens) in shot.

Up next: for AS completing Eval Q2b, for A2 creating a sample digipak image using the chosen Photoshop SFX tutorial (and then Eval Q3b, which is also an opportunity to check on blogging research on industry).


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