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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Your new blog + new blog on your blogs

Check back later for details on this over at http://a2mediablogs.blogspot.com, and an overview of the coursework process. You'll already see some thoughts on coming up with ideas - as well as being a straight chase for grades your Media coursework should be centred round an idea that really excites YOU, not just someone else in a group. You may not get too many more opportunities in the future, depending on Uni/career choices, to indulge your creative side to such an extent so grab this chance with both hands!!!

Remember, your blog URL should be surname-forenamea2.blogspot.com, and its name Forename Surname's A2 Media Production - alas, for E-Unit and the likes, lets leave out the production co names etc this time! (You can always create an image and add a banner to your blog with your production co. logo)

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