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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Summer 2018 task + getting started

There will be 2 June sessions to get you started on A2 coursework tasks to finish off over the summer. (Key post 1: blogging on videos; post 2: DB examples/playlist)
Basic summary:
SESSION 1: Weds 13th June set up A2 blog; look at DB vid analysis examples; pick 10 initial vids to blog on 
SESSION 2: Review blogging on 10 vids (min. 1 in detail, min. 1 clear point on each, + summary organised by themes with clear examples for each); opportunity to discuss early ideas 
FOR SEPTEMBER: Initial summary of general music video conventions, based on 20+ examples, min. 2 detailed analyses and 1+ specific point/e.g. from each.  That requires a mix of posts (tagged, clear post names, links listed, good layout + use of multimedia/illustrations) AND a summary video (using freeware software if necessary, or iMovie which can be imported into FCPX for quick improvements). 
Any additional preparatory work on a pitch would be highly beneficial (genre research including history, conventions [characters, narrative, opening, history, 
box office/distribution, age rating etc]; location scouting; audience research; casting; costume; script/themes; sample rough footage ...).

(1) Set up blog, changing comment moderation/verification and widths, using a Simple template (further customise after the session).

(2) Post 1: Hopes for this blog
- what are your hopes/aims for this year?
- what skills do what you hope to develop?
- have you any early thoughts on genres or visual ideas/narrative themes you might to look at for your idea?

(3) Music video variety, and finding examples: use this post/vodcast for an immediate sense of the variety in media language of videos, and preview some of the forms/themes of analysis you could do.

(4) look further at the style + content of video analysis posts; preview the examples below. 2 basic approaches that can work for single video analysis posts or multiple video analysis posts:

  • neat formatting at the top of the post with some basic details (often hyperlinked): careful use of size, font, spacing and image positioning
  • SUMMARY! completed after initial analysis
  • 1 approach is to caption screenshots with specific detail, making clear the point (EX with denotation, but also clear EAA)
  • another is to make notes, identify themes from these and summarise the point/examples under each theme heading

Goodwin by himself isn't enough to cover conventions, but is a great starting point:

(5) Questions?

(6) Create a playlist of 10 vids from multiple genres and time periods, including at least 1 from this post. 1+ detailed video analysis and at least 1 point from the rest of your 10 for session 2 to discuss and review.

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