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Saturday, 19 November 2016

DEC 2016 mock exam

This will combine coursework and exam elements, and is important Evaluation preparation, but takes the form of a practice Section A (Q1a, Q1b). Q1a requires comparison of your AS and A2 productions, and drawing out specific examples of how these developed from AS to A2 work. Q1b requires exploring how a range of theories you've selected can be applied to your work, AS or A2 (it makes sense to use A2, so thats what I require). That could/should include some critique - not every media theory fits neatly with every media format - many narrative theories do not fit so well with music video for example. You are using your own work as EXamples (including PLANNED work at this stage: what you intend to do), but also (especially in Q1b) contextualising with EXamples from existing videos.


Assessment will apply the exam markscheme: EAA 30/50, EX 20/50 (unlike the AS exam, T is effectively within EAA).

In the exam you will have 30mins for Q1a and 30mins for Q1b. You will have the full 2 periods for this mock; those of you with extra time can have an additional supervised 25 mins. Your response will be as a blog post (including links, relevant illustrations etc), not handwritten.

If you wish to improve this afterwards, copy the post into a new post with a different title to save as draft; do not make changes to the mock exam post until you have received marks and feedback.

You can have 1 side of typed and printed A4 notes, or 2 sides of handwritten A4 notes, but these must be in bullet point form only, no long quotes or continuous paragraph-style prose.

You have two A2 exam Section A questions to answer: Q1a (CRUD) and Q1b (MANGeR) are 30mins each (but you have 50mins each today). In this mock you will answer one Q1a of your choice, plus one Q1b. The group of 3 must pick a different CRUD/MANGeR topic each, though you can of course work together on the preparation (this applies to non-groups: feel free to share examples, and discuss theories, and discuss Q1a with Yr12 partners).

At this stage you are answering on incomplete productions, but can use as EXamples points that you PLAN to include.

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