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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Representation task

Using the top PowerPoint in this post, write up at least 5 detailed paragraphs discussing how some of the theories outlined (or any others from your exam pack) can be applied to your work.
To do so successfully you need to use precise media language to denote both your own and existing videos for context.

Start with notes/lists before trying to write paragraphs:

  • you need to start by stating which course/brief you will be commenting on (A2 music video) and BRIEFLY BUT CLEARLY describing this for the examiner
  • define the concept in a way that you can remember and understand (ask for help where needed)
  • list any details from your text that might help discuss this 
  • list any details from existing texts that might help discuss 
  • decide which to focus on and denote these in sufficient detail to 'paint a picture' for an examiner who has not seen the texts
  • keep doing this before writing up paragraphs
  • review your notes: can you see ways to link possible paragraphs? if so, this will suggest a structure for your essay
  • as you continue to prep the exam, it will help you if you look for links between the 5 'MANGeR' topics: you can revise fewer theories/examples if you look for links between these 5 areas and theories that are useful for 2 or more
  • NOW start writing it up

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