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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Lessons Mon Tues March 7-8th

If you're finished yesterday's work then either
1: Edit, with a focus on creating alternate SHORT edited sequences (or print/website elements) for focussed audience feedback
2: Using the 'industry' tag and browsing the MusiVidz blog archive (not all posts have been tagged/retro-tagged) for other relevant posts (most about a specific band or vinyl will relate to this), find resources/examples that will help you answer Evaluation Q3.

TASK Monday 7th:

1: Review + update all posts with video/vodcast content:
- is the post title clear and specific
- have you provided description/context of the video and its contents?
- is the video title on YouTube clear, specific (and following a numbering system)?
- have you provided a specific description on your YouTube channel?
- did you include tags on your YouTube channel?
- is it uploaded on YOUR channel as opposed to being embedded from someone else's in the group?
- have you got a folder of all video files ready for use with Evaluation work?

2: Review posts titles/links lists
- have you followed a numbering system for linked posts? Are your post titles clear and specific?
- update links lists to reflect changes made

3: Podcasts
- are these up to date?
- record any missing podcasts, upload and embed

4: Evaluation preparation
- pick any one of the 4 questions and gather links, images, video and notes as a draft post

5: Video research
- have you created a comprehensive playlist for any videos you have looked at as part of your research
- is this divided into two: general and genre examples? (you could add 'other media/influences' if this includes film and TV)

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