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Monday, 7 December 2015

A2 Mock Exam Dec 14th

Discuss the media language used in any two or more of these music videos and how this signifies specific audiences being targeted. You can include comment on how successful or otherwise you feel the media language choices are.

You will be marked on three criteria, requiring you to back up points (EAA) with examples (EX) and use specific media terminology (T).
[EX] USE OF EXAMPLES:                                   40/100*
[T] USE OF TERMINOLOGY:                               20/100
You cannot take notes into the exam, but have one week to research and prepare your analysis.

You can find the playlist of 20 videos in http://musividz.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/conventions-links-points-playlist.html You can focus on as few as two of these or as many as you like. You should think in terms of issues or theories (EAA) and prepare clear examples (EX) from these videos that you can use to illustrate your points. Terminology (T) used should include not just semiotics (shot types, angles, editing, sound etc) but also theories and theorists – use your MANGeR pack.

Most of the MANGeR concepts can ultimately be linked to Audience. Postmodern elements are always useful to concept. The web 2.0 arguments around ‘the former audience’ are extremely useful for your coursework and exam, including this mock. You can also draw on the conflicting feminist and post-feminist views, which again do partially come back to audience considerations. The elliptical nature (according to some theorists) of video narrative is also linked to audience, while even genre codes are often linked to mise-en-scene choices and possibly representations of audience in video (sub-cultural codes).

It will be useful to you to focus on areas where you see some similarity with your own work.

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