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Friday, 1 October 2010

Template for shotlisting

Many of you are about to make some alterations to your AS work - and all of you need to take a detailed look at your AS work in the context of Q1a + Q1b for your A2 exam.
A key first step to successfully understanding the strengths, weaknesses and the media language used (by now you will have forgotten many of the creative (think DCRUP) decisions made, so need to revisit this!) is to break down precisely what you put on screen the first time around.
Use the AS exam framework as you add notes under denotation: consider sound, editing and mise-en-scene as well as general cinematography.
The 4th column in the doc embedded below boils down to one word: WHY ... although you could extend this -
WHY did you select the shot/sound etc?
WHAT were you trying to signifiy?
WHO were you thinking of as your target audience?
You could also note shots rejected, and also use this to note ideas for changes + improvements.

Having undertaken the process once, you should be able to work much faster; the key is clear, precise planning. Take this task very seriously indeed: its highly beneficial for any resubmission (even if that is limited to R+P/Evaluation) and half your A2 exam. Push yourselves to use precise, specific shot terminology and semiotic terminology. We will spend some class time revising this key aspect of the course.
Breakdown of a Media Text                                                            

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