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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

(twinkle, twinkle, little) A* [ie info on the A star grade]

There are several of you with realistic prospects of achieving an A* grade for your Media A-Level. Just to be clear on this, this requires the following:
To be awarded an A*, candidates will need to achieve a grade A on their full A Level qualification and an A* on the aggregate of their A2 units.
Candidates achieving at least 320 UMS marks in their Advanced GCE, ie grade A and who also gain at least 180 UMS in their two A2 units will receive an A* grade.
Remember, you have 4 units in any A-Level, 2 at AS, 2 at A2; each is marked out of 100. Grade C = 60-69%; B = 70-79%; A = 80-100%. An A* means getting a combined average 80%+ across the entire A-Level, plus an average 90%+ for your two A2 units. Not easy, but I'm hopeful to see a few A* in there come August 2010!

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